Time to Update

Time to Update

Twenty years ago, Windows 95 was released, the first Toy Story movie was in theaters, OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murder, and the Grateful Dead broke up.

Seem like a long time ago?

That was also the last time our community updated our Natural Resource Regulations (NRR).

While they were state of the art at the time, a lot of time has passed, and it is time to update these regulations to reflect our community’s vision as articulated in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan: preserving and protecting the area’s ecosystem as our community’s highest priority.

The Alliance undertook a research paper to support implementation of the 2012 Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan), with a focus on Section 1: Stewardship of wildlife, natural resources, and scenery. Our objectives were to identify areas of improvement with the existing NRR and to help focus the update process for the NRR on solving existing problems while also identifying and proposing best practices and standards that would make the NRR state of the art.

You can read the paper here or the summary here.  

The NRR are foundational to our land use rules, and it is imperative that our elected representatives move forward with their update, make them a priority, and consider the recommendations outlined in the Alliance research paper, including prioritizing enforcement of regulations, incorporating Safer for Wildlife Fencing Standards, and hiring a wildlife biologist on Town/County Planning and Development staff.

If you agree that it is time to update our Natural Resource Regulations to reflect our community’s values as articulated in the Comp Plan vision or preserving and protecting our area’s ecosystem, write the Town Council and County Commission today by clicking here.

Our community’s vision of walkable neighborhoods surrounded by protected open space, working agricultural lands, and connected wildlife habitat can be realized if we put the right tools in place. Getting our Natural Resource Regulations right is an opportunity to do just that. Write your elected representatives today.

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