Thank you, EcoTour Adventures!

Thank you, EcoTour Adventures!

“The region is wonderfully alive, having a pulse and a breath!”

This was the reaction of a woman after touring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with Taylor Phillips, owner and guide of EcoTour Adventures. Always a lover of the outdoors, Taylor started EcoTour Adventures as a way to provide a more meaningful experience than the standard sightseeing tour for visitors to the area.

Taylor also understands the importance of conservation. Preserving and protecting the ecosystem and wildlife in the area are not only important to his business, but Taylor feels a special connection to the natural world, and being in nature provides a sense of fulfillment and happiness for him. Through interactive tour services, Taylor works to educate visitors on the importance of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, instilling in them a deeper appreciation and understanding of the wildlife and wild places they enjoy. He knows that conservation begins with education, which is why teaching is such an important part of all EcoTour Adventures trips. That is also why Taylor gives back by serving on the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Board, provides support through the Dollars for Conservation program, and sponsors the Don’t Poach the Powder campaign.

Since May 2008, EcoTour Adventures has donated over $50,000 to local and national non-profit organizations that work to protect and preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including the Conservation Alliance, through the Dollars for Conservation program. 2.5% of every trip’s cost is donated to help keep this area as special as it is. Additionally, EcoTour Adventures sponsors the Don’t Poach the Powder campaign, a campaign that educates and informs winter recreationists about areas closed to protect wildlife habitat during the winter season.

When asked why his business is so generous in its support of conservation, Taylor simply puts, “In a nutshell, we like to give back to the conservation and protection of what we enjoy on our tours.”

EcoTour Adventures not only offers unique and educational experiences for visitors, but Taylor and the business have a deep appreciation and understanding of the natural world they enjoy. The community and ecosystem are lucky to have such great stewards sharing this amazing place. The Conservation Alliance certainly appreciates and values his ongoing support!

To learn more about EcoTour Adventures, visit jhecotouradventures.com.

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