Press Release: Alliance to host ‘Party For Our Public Lands’ with special guests Conrad Anker, Jenni Lowe-Anker, and Max Lowe

Press Release: Alliance to host ‘Party For Our Public Lands’ with special guests Conrad Anker, Jenni Lowe-Anker, and Max Lowe

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance (Alliance) and partners announced that they have secured Conrad Anker, Jenni Lowe-Anker, and Max Lowe as speakers at their upcoming ‘Party For Our Public Lands’ event to be held Wednesday, September 6, at the Center for the Arts.

Conrad Anker is a legendary climber and mountaineer who has explored all over the world, from Nepal to Antarctica, and was famously part of the team who found George Mallory’s body on Everest. Jenni Lowe-Anker is an artist, writer, and activist who has been a part of the Northern Rockies conservation movement since the 1980s. She founded the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation in 1999, which is dedicated to providing support and guidance to remote communities all over the world. Max Lowe is an explorer, photographer, and documentarian whose work has taken him to the most remote parts of the world, including Antarctica, Nepal, and Mongolia.

“Conrad, Jenni, and Max have been consistent ambassadors for our American public lands and offer a great perspective for the Party,” Alliance Communications and Field Coordinator Marisa Wilson said. “The trio use public lands extensively and understand their importance to the American people, especially in the west. We admire their work in advocating for the continued federal protection and management of public lands and are ecstatic to have such well-known faces and accomplished athletes join us here in Teton County.”

The Party will begin at 5:30 p.m., with food and drinks, games, a raffle, and opportunities for attendees to participate in educational and advocacy activities with the Alliance and other partners. The first hour and a half of activity will be open to the general public, and the speakers will join for the fun on the lawn and in the lobby. Advocacy efforts will be focused on support of the proposed Wyoming Public Lands Day bill, establishing the last Saturday of September as an annual “Public Lands Day.” This would recognize the economic, recreational, scenic, and historical value of public lands in the state of Wyoming and encourage Wyoming residents to engage in volunteer stewardship activities which contribute to public land conservation. The speakers will then present at 7:00 p.m., which will be a ticketed event. Tickets can be purchased at the Center for the Arts website for $12.

“We have a diverse group of partners with the Keep it Public, WY movement joining us at the event. It was important to us to include various groups that all have a vested interest in protecting our public lands. From conservation to recreation to hunters and anglers, everyone in Wyoming seems to have a special connection to public lands, and that is something worth celebrating and protecting,” Wilson added.

Dan Smitherman, Conservation Alliance Board Member and Wyoming representative to the Wilderness Society said of the event, “It is appropriate that we celebrate our shared public lands with an event in Teton County, where public lands and access to them are the dominant economic engine. This is particularly true in a time when our public lands are threatened and under attack from the Executive Branch, Congress, and our own state legislature. We must remain vigilant.”

More information about the event, including a full list of participating organizations, can be found at jhalliance.org/partyforpubliclands.

The Party is part of the Alliance Speaker Series, which brings leading subject matter experts to Jackson Hole to talk about issues like wildlife management, conservation, land use planning, and housing. The Series is sponsored by Sinclair Communications. Businesses, individuals, or organizations interested in sponsoring the event can contact Carter Cox at carter@jhalliance.org.

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