2021-2022 Community Planning Work

South Park, Wyoming

Photo: South Park – Dawn Webster

Building a Neighborhood for Everyone in Northern South Park

The Alliance has been working to ensure that the neighborhood plan in Northern South Park meets the community’s needs, with special focus on the issues of workforce housing and wildlife permeability. We have supported integrating free market, affordable, and workforce housing units into the street designs, creating a cohesive neighborhood. We are advocating that traffic mitigation strategies be implemented to manage the increased number of residents. Incorporating a greenbelt at the southern end of the property would allow for safer movement for wildlife from Josie’s Ridge and Leeks Canyon to critical habitats along the Snake River. The Final neighborhood plan, if passed, would benefit the community and help ease the housing struggle in our community.


Building a better transportation future

The Alliance launched a campaign to develop transportation solutions that are ecologically responsible and sufficiently effective to meet the mobility needs of our community. We’re advocating for an aggressive implementation of Traffic Demand Management tools, smart and sustainable growth, and a holistic vision for the 22/390 corridors. We partnered with a nationally renowned transportation planning firm, Nelson\Nygaard, and engaged key local stakeholders in discussions critical to our valley’s transportation future – keep an eye out for the report, to be released in fall of 2022. We’re opposing the proposed Tribal Trail Connector Road and will continue bringing conservation solutions to the community.



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