Wildlife Management

wolvesWyoming’s wildlife is world-class. This is especially true here in Jackson Hole, where we consistently rank wildlife as our top community value. That’s why we work with government agencies, citizens, and other non-profit groups to help wildlife managers, land managers, and the community to make decisions that ensure abundant, healthy wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Healthy wildlife and fish populations, and the recreational opportunities they provide, generate more than $1.1 billion directly to Wyoming’s economy and contribute significantly to the overall nearly $3 billion tourism industry. Again, this is especially true here in Jackson Hole, where millions of tourists come here every year in large part because of our world-class wildlife. While many may come for their chance at taking a bull elk, or to lure a flashing cutthroat from a silver mountain stream, thousands more come simply to see and appreciate this rare thing: a landscape that is home to bison, elk, moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, grizzlies, wolves, black bears, mountain lions, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, and hundreds of other species.

james-hager-grizzly-bear-ursus-arctos-horribilis-standing-in-the-snow-near-bozeman-montana-usaBut our work is about more than tourism and the economic benefits it provides. It’s about protecting the wildlife that defines our valley for future generations.

Currently, much of our work is focused on maintaining healthy and sustainable populations of iconic species within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Species like elk, bison, wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines, lynx, cougars, raptors, sage-grouse, bighorn sheep, deer, and moose require wild spaces and safe corridors connecting habitats. Yet we recognize that as climate change and human development continue to modify and encroach upon all types of wildlife habitat, we’ll need to identify and address threats to a wider range of lesser-known species in collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders.

For more information about how you can help protect our world-class wildlife, contact Leah at leah@jhalliance.org.

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