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Stilson History

In the 1990s, the ski corporation, now Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, bought the 100-acre Stilson Ranch. The resort was granted county approval for a 28-lot development with greater density on the northern half of the property, Stilson Ranches. The southern half became a three-lot subdivision, now known as Stilson. Stilson is a 50+ acre lot on the corner of Highway 22 and Moose Wilson Road (390).

The county awarded JHMR a density bonus for the 28 lot Stilson Ranches, in exchange for a conservation easement on 26.52-acres  (Lot 1 of Stilson). The easement is endowed to the Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust . The easement prohibits the construction of any buildings on Lot 1. Also, as part of the granted density bonus, the resort deeded an 8.5-acre lot (Lot 2 of Stilson) to Teton County. This open space was intended as a recreation area. The remaining lot, Lot 3, is a 15.18-acre parcel, it is owned by JHMR, and currently contains a parking lot.

Lot 1: 26.52 acres, owned by JHMR, designated conservation easement

Lot 2: 8.52 acers, owned by Teton County, designated park

Lot 3: 15.18 acers, owned by JHMR, future site of transit center

Conservation Easement: Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust

Uphold the conservation easement that protects 26.52 acres of Stilson. The easement clearly stipulates:

  1. An amendment will not be permitted if the land owner stands to gain financially.
  2. If the easement were to be transferred to another parcel it must be of greater conservation value. And, unless JHMR plans to relocate the wildlife underpasses, that is not likely.
  3. Any changes to the easement  cannot undermine the public’s perception of the reliability of conservation easements as a land conservation tool.

The Transit Center

Teton County Commissioners approved the development of a transit center on the 15.18-acre Lot 3. Currently this space contains a gravel parking area with 882 spaces, a cell phone tower and some small utility buildings. A transit center will support community efforts to improve transportation and limit congestion through our scenic corridor. Pavement should be minimized as it is slippery to wildlife and stops ground water permeability. Lighting should maintain dark skies and not be directed towards the wildlife corridors.

What’s the Problem?

Bottom line, desired additional developments at Stilson disregard the need for wildlife permeability and would bring Jackson Hole one step closer to losing our migratory wildlife. Any proposed developments that disregard the guidelines spelled out in The Teton County Comprehensive Plan are short-sighted and disparaging to our community’s values. Join the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance in demanding that County Commissioners hold landowners and developers accountable and protect the future of Jackson Hole.

What a Waste: $7.65 Million Investment

High-traffic roadways in close proximity to National Parks, preserves, and wilderness are more prone to wildlife vehicle collisions, which are deadly and expensive. Teton County responded to the epidemic of vehicle and wildlife collisions along the Teton Pass Corridor and Moose Wilson Road by investing in wildlife underpasses and fencing projects. These projects protect motorists and animals alike by allowing wildlife permeability without the risk of road collisions.

Two underpasses have been constructed to funnel wildlife under HWY 22 and HWY 390. Both were strategically placed to funnel wildlife directly into Stilson. This strategy was sound because 3/5 of the Stilson is protected by a conservation easement.

The Threat

If JHMR is permitted to develop employee dorm-style housing and other facilities at Stilson, the result will be increased noise, light pollution and an obstructed wildlife corridor. Animals will not use the underpasses and our investment will be wasted. Any future proposals to compromise the conservation easement endanger our iconic wildlife populations. Stilson is zoned as rural. Remind our commissioners that the Comprehensive Plan calls to: preserve and protect habitat connections, scenery, and open space by directing growth out of these rural areas.

Preferred Site Plan

To provide adequate wildlife permeability, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department recommends a minimum 600’ of undeveloped land as a migration corridor. Our Preferred Site Plan (see below) shows what this looks like. An additional detail we are proposing is that gates are added to Beckley to open and close at dawn and dusk to provide traffic free crossing for wildlife during the hours of greatest movement.

Take Action

Submit a comment now. Tell your elected county commissioners: Transit center, then STOP! Say no to development that negatively impacts this scenic corridor and wastes millions of dollars of wildlife underpass investment. SUBMIT COMMENT.

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