Northern South Park Housing

Let’s build housing in Northern South Park, together

The County Commission voted “no” on the Gill proposal, which is a “yes” to true workforce housing in Northern South Park. Now, it’s time to build the housing and neighborhood we need in Northern South Park, together.

Let’s build the neighborhood we need, together

Northern South Park is an amazing opportunity for housing and conservation

Our take so far

What’s next with the Gills’ proposal?

What’s in a neighborhood plan?

Wastewater planning needed first

The Gill project at Planning Commission: our comments

What you can do

  • Thank County Commission for making the right choice for housing by denying the Gill proposal – email commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov
  • Learn more and comment on the Comp Plan Update, because changes there will shape future development in NSP
  • Sign up (button at bottom of the page) to learn how to participate in the neighborhood plan
  • Reach out to our planner, Brooke with ideas, questions, or to stay in the loop

Watch the highlights from our Picnic Briefing on Northern South Park, the Comp Plan Update, and the 3 housing proposals

View the whole video here

Here is a highlight reel from our northern South Park "Picnic Briefing" in July. The entire event lasted for over 90 minutes, so here are the take-home messages from our panelists. Thanks for watching!

Posted by Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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