Northern South Park Housing

Northern South Park Housing

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1,000 new houses in Northern South Park?

We need you! Send in your comments by Monday, August 10 to the County Planning Commission, Teton County Board of County Commissioners, and Jackson Town Council. Emails can be sent to:

planningcom@tetoncountywy.govcommissioners@tetoncountywy.gov, and council@townofjackson.com.

Before coronavirus upended our world, the Gill family came out with a proposal to develop nearly 500 market lots in northern South Park (NSP) with only 8% deed-restricted as workforce housing. This large greenfield development project has morphed into “High School Road Housing,” with 65% of the housing restricted to local workers. Meanwhile, the Gills already have the rights to build 83 homes on large lots that will be out of reach for the local workforce, and now, the Lockharts have thrown their own idea into the ring.

We too, want housing, but it’s not homes our community can afford unless it’s deed-restricted and linked to income / pricing requirements, and turning open space into subdivisions must go hand-in-hand with permanent conservationAnd development should be guided by our Comprehensive Plan – which is currently being updated – not the other way around. With about 1,000 houses proposed to be built in Northern South Park, this is the biggest planning decision our community will face in the next 20 years.

Watch our panel briefing on Northern South Park, the Comp Plan Update, and the 3 housing proposals

Housing proposals

  • Gills’ proposal to build 83 units on 26 acres above the rezone (yellow triangle in the video)
  • Gills’ unaffordable upzone
  • Lockhart request for a pre-application conference (an initial step toward a rezone request, that would result in the same zone as the Gill proposal)

Our take so far

The Gill project: an upzone our community can’t afford

What you can do

  • Email your public comment on the Gills’ unaffordable upzone by August 10th for Planning Commission and September 15th for Board of County Commissioners
  • Learn more and comment on the Comp Plan Update, because changes there will allow or prevent any development in NSP
  • You don’t have to wait to tell your representatives what you think! Email council@townofjackson.com or commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov – as a joint planning issue, both bodies need to hear your thoughts
  • Reach out to our planner, Brooke with ideas, questions, or to stay in the loop

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