South Park & the Gill Proposal

South Park & the Gill Proposal

Ryan Dorgan / JH News & Guide

Before coronavirus upended our world, you may remember a proposal from the Gill family to develop nearly 500 market lots in Northern South Park (NSP) with only 8% deed-restricted as workforce housing. This large greenfield development project has morphed into “High School Road Housing,” with potentially 65% of the housing restricted to local workers, though that number hasn’t been demonstrated.

We too, want housing, but it’s not truly workforce housing unless it’s deed-restricted, and turning open space into subdivisions must go hand-in-hand with permanent conservationAnd development should be guided by our Comprehensive Plan – which is currently being updated – not the other way around. Learn more about how this is tied into the Comprehensive Plan Update. This could be the biggest planning question our community will face in the next 20 years.

Proposal materials

Gill Application May 2020 (their current application, which notably no longer includes the suburban-zoned property as part of the rezone)

The Gill’s original offer of two choices to the Board of County Commissioners

Stay tuned for our reaction to the proposal 

Our take so far

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