Ryan Nourai

Ryan Nourai

Outreach Coordinator

Ryan, like so many of us, had a chance encounter within the valley of Jackson during a road trip that cut though the little town. Left with an impression, he daydreamed of the Tetons for the years to come, until in his adult life when he decided to visit for a summer. Since then, Ryan had decided to make Jackson his home. His admiration for place came after those countless road trips to and from National Parks in the West. This is where his passions stems from.

With a degree in Liberal Arts from Marymount California University, he was able to customize his degree towards his interests. This meant that Ryan was able to pursue Environmental Studies within his coursework. His thesis, and the student organization he formed was birthed from his admiration for the natural world and the relationship we all deserve to have with it. It was through his studies that he was exposed to the great writers who had attempted to reflect their experience of being in great nature. Since a young age he had been jotting down the themes and stories in his head as well, and now he has begun putting them down in the form of science-fiction.

Ryan has worn many hats at the Alliance, and currently works on our Wildlife Crossings campaign and major gift fundraising. Looking to the future, Ryan is interested in a Masters Program in Political Science or Creative Writing. He has been blessed with the ability to travel abroad regularly and has flirted with the idea of becoming a bonafide ex-pat. With that being said, he has always felt a longing to return home, a feeling originating in the deserts of the SouthWest. Ryan is creating a life in which he can express his feelings towards transcendental states in great nature through his writing, while also facilitating accessible environmental conservation through his work in the non-profit sector.

Email: ryan@jhalliance.org
Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001