Leadership Council

The Alliance Leadership Council is comprised of select individuals who wish to have an ongoing role in the organization as advisors, contributors, community ambassadors, volunteers, and leaders. It provides both educational and social opportunities and creates a forum to engage the organization on mission, strategy, relationships, and emerging issues. It keeps long-time supporters involved while bringing in new and diverse interests and viewpoints and is crucial in keeping our values aligned with the community we serve.

Alliance Leadership Councilors

Joe Albright, Nancy Doane Babbott, Jean Barash, Dave Barrett, Vance Carruth, Andy Carson, Nancy Carson, Geneva Chong, Frances Clark, Chris Colligan, Susan Danford, Chris Deming, Ali Dunford, Addie Donnan, Patty & Frank Ewing, Jean & Dick Ferguson, Scott Fossel, Gigi Halloran, Nancy Hoffman, Frannie Huff, Worthy & Maria Johnson, Charlie Kerr, Steve Kilpatrick, Lee & Roger Kintzel, Marcia Kunstel, Beedee Ladd, Susan Marsh, Bernie McHugh, Alex Muromcew, Brad and Kristi Nielson, Pam Niner, Annette and Noah Osnos, Leslie Petersen, Hank Phibbs, Bert Raynes, Gudrun Rice, Robert Righter, John Roberts, Alice Roby, Elisabeth Rohrbach, Mary Gibson Scott, Renee Seidler, Sandy Shuptrine, Beverly Lane Smith, Annika Sohlstrom, Scott Steen, Kelly Stirn, Siva Sundaresan, Mark Sullivan, Dan & Shirley Thomas, Anya Tyson, Amy & Steve Unfried, Paul Wendland

For more information about the Alliance Leadership Council, contact us!

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001