Teton County Primary Election 101

What is the “primary election”?

Every election season we have two elections – the “primary” (in August) and the “general” (in November). Anyone who wants to run for office has to make it through the primary in order advance to the ballot in the general. You can think of it like the semi-finals for our local government.

Didn’t we already vote in primaries back in April?

The Republican and Democratic Parties each held caucuses, which are also sometimes called primaries, a few months ago. Those were to determine the national candidates and also do party business. They are completely separate from the local primary election. So now you have another chance to vote!

When can I vote?

You can vote during “early voting,” also known as “absentee voting,” from July 1 to August 15. Election day itself is on Tuesday, August 16th.

What if I’m not registered?

You can register at the same time as you vote! Or you can register ahead of time – it’s super easy, you just need ID (doesn’t have to be from here) and knowledge of your physical address.

Still have questions?

Get info straight from the County Clerk: www.tetonwyo.org/cc or (307) 732-8429
Or contact us at (307) 733-9417, www.facebook.com/jhalliance, or www.jhalliance.org/newvoter

What’s on my ballot?

It depends on where you live, and if you register with a political party. This chart shows which “races” you’ll see on your ballot. Note: we at the Alliance can’t endorse or oppose (or express any opinion) on any candidates, because we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit – so this is just objective information. See sample ballots for each precinct here.

Do you…

Register with a political party Not register with a political party
Live in town
  • Mayor & Town Council
  • County Commission
  • State House / Senate
  • US Congress
  • Precinct Committee Officer
  • SPET
  • Mayor & Town Council
  • SPET
Live outside of town
  • County Commission
  • State House / Senate
  • US Congress
  • Precinct Committee Officer
  • SPET
  • SPET

Town residents can vote for Town Council & Mayor

  • These positions are all non-partisan (meaning candidates don’t say what party they’re with).
  • This year, four candidates are running for Mayor and five candidates are running for two Town Council seats.
  • In the primary, you can choose up to four (of the five) Town Council candidates and up to two (of the four) mayoral candidates. The top two mayoral candidates and top four Town Council candidates move on to the general election in November.

If you register with a political party you can vote in their “partisan” races

Some seats are “partisan,” meaning candidates declare affiliation with a party (this year, either Republican or Democrat). The primary is a way for the party to narrow down which candidates they run against the other party in November. If you registered with a political party when you registered to vote, you can choose among that party’s candidates in the primary. Note that you can change your party registration any time you register, including when you go in to vote. If you don’t register with a party, your ballot won’t include these races.

  • County Commission: In the primary election, you can vote for up to two candidates of the three that will appear on the ballot to represent your party in the general election. The top two Republicans and top two Democrats will advance to compete for two available seats in the November general election.
  • State and federal legislators (Senate and House): You can vote for your party’s candidates to be representatives in both the state and federal legislatures. Who you see on your ballot depends on your Senate / House district.
  • Precinct Committee Officers: If you registered with a party, you can also vote for the “Precinct Committee Officers,” who are the local leaders of that party. These officers represent the “precinct” (neighborhood/region) where you live.

Everyone can vote on the SPET ballot measure

All voters in the Teton County get to vote on a SPET (Specific Purpose Excise Tax) measure to pay $6M for the “West Broadway Landslide” (formerly known as the Budge Drive Landslide).

  • The Town of Jackson has an informational page at www.jhslidefacts.com.
  • If you do register with a party, this will probably end up on the back of your ballot – so make sure you turn it over.


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