Help Protect Jackson Hole

The Last Wild Frontier

Jackson Hole is known for its beautiful landscapes and vistas, unique relationship with wildlife, and locals who cherish the land they live on. We’ve built businesses, communities, and a way of life around our relationship with the beautiful wild spaces we live in but this way of life is at risk. As we move towards the future, important aspects of our heritage are being left behind and mandates to preserve our natural landscape are being ignored.

Since 1979, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has worked to keep Wyoming a place that residents and visitors love to be. We tackle issues from a holistic perspective — to preserve our communities and environment.

Protect Wildlife and Wild Places

As our communities grow, more land is slated for development, land that is integral to the many migratory pathways that make up Wyoming’s unique ecosystem. Wyomingites need homes, but so do our wildlife neighbours. The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance works continuously with elected officials, scientists, and community members to find the best solution for everyone. From protecting our local watershed to building wildlife crossings, we want to keep Wyoming a safe and prosperous place for everyone.

Save Jackson’s Community Character

Wyoming is a beautiful state that many visitors decided they would like to never leave. Our communities are growing and more people than ever come to connect with the great Wyoming outdoors each year but the cost of this expansion is being taken from our most at risk citizens. Rising housing costs and redistricting of historically rural lands has forced families that have lived in Wyoming for generations to leave the land they love. At the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance we want to work alongside communities to preserve their way of life while allowing them to grow and introduce new members to everything Wyoming has to offer.

Conservation is the Wyoming Way of Life

Wyoming’s long history and varied landscape makes protecting hard but rewarding. Sign up today to learn the many ways you can preserve Wyoming’s wildlife, way of life, and community character.


Photo by Arthur Lefo

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