Teton Conservation District

Teton Conservation District

Vote FOR the Teton Conservation District!

Throughout history and for many today, living in the West means living off the land. When we do it right, we make way for successful agriculture while maintaining resources and protecting ecosystems. When we do it wrong, it’s not good for the land or for us. Back in the 1930s, years of unsustainable practices came to a head as the Dust Bowl swept the country and destroyed landscapes and livelihoods. This led to a national wake-up call – Congress and states created a system of conservation districts to ensure effective resource stewardship, including the Teton Conservation District (TCD). The community may look different today, but TCD continues to work with local landowners, land managers, and the community to ensure effective stewardship and conservation of the precious land, water, and resources that make up the Greater Yellowstone-Teton ecosystem.

Every 4 years, our community gets to reauthorize the Conservation District Tax to fund this important work by voting on a ballot measure. The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Board of Directors and staff have enthusiastically endorsed voting FOR reauthorization.

Why should you vote FOR the Teton Conservation District (TCD)?

To support…

  • Water Resources: TCD makes sure our local water is safe and protected. They monitor stream flow, water quality, and well networks, and help residents get involved with water issues by providing them with well test kits and by spearheading action groups like the Fish Creek Stakeholders Group and the Flat Creek Watershed Improvement District.
  • Agriculture: TCD improves agricultural operations. They offer cost-share programs and technical assistance, making sure farms and ranches can incorporate conservation and stay profitable.
  • Wildfire Risk Reduction and Risk Management: TCD helps homeowners better prepare for wildfire. They offer free Wildfire Risk Overviews and grants for related fuel reductions.
  • Wildlife: They promote peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife. They support partners and landowners on projects such as wildlife research, wildlife crossing monitoring, bear conflict reduction, and appropriate fencing.
  • Sustainability: TCD partners promote sustainable practices. They work with local groups and private landowners to promote things like local foods, composting and recycling, and flood control.
  • Technical Assistance: Their staff of specialists provides technical assistance on an array of issues with private landowners and public infrastructure. They engage in local planning and development processes, compile open source GIS and mapping land information, and make it available to you and decision-makers.
  • Conservation Funding: TCD provides critical funding opportunities for local individuals, non-profits, and partner agencies to allow for greater conservation capacity in Teton County.
  • …and much more. Learn more about TCD on their website: tetonconservationdistrict.org

So, when you cast your ballot on November 6 (or before!), don’t forget to flip it over and fill in the bubble in support of the Conservation District.

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001