New Voter Project 2016: #ImALocal #YoVotoPorMiFamilia

New Voter Project 2016: #ImALocal #YoVotoPorMiFamilia

Your vote and voice really matter in local elections.

Local and state elected representatives literally shape the future of our community. They decide how we address the housing emergency that’s destroying our middle class and threatening the fabric of our community, the transportation challenges tearing into our quality of life, the nearly 400 animals struck and killed on our roads every year, the big money special interests trying to privatize our American public lands, and the many other big challenges facing our community. If we don’t vote, we have no voice in how (or if) our elected representatives address these challenges.

In recent elections—2010 through 2014—the youth “vote share” in Teton County (meaning what percentage of total votes come from people under 35) has been much lower than the rest of Wyoming, about half the statewide average. This is why the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has proudly launched our New Voter Project this election season. It’s really two projects:

  1. #ImALocal: get hundreds of fun- and outdoors-loving young people to commit to vote, register and vote early.
  2. #YoVotoPorMiFamilia: work with organizers and mobilizers in the Latino community to get dozens of Jackson Latinos to register and vote – especially youth who will be their families’ first voters.
Manuel registers to vote! Photo by voter ambassador Jorge Moreno2016071495122453

Manuel registers to vote! Photo by voter ambassador Jorge Moreno.

Upcoming Events

We’re hosting fun events all election season to make it easy and fun to vote.

  • Trick-or-Vote: Get people to vote while wearing your democratic Halloween costume – Saturday October 29th from 2-5:30pm, then a party – more info coming soon!

Commit to Vote now!

We’re asking people to sign up and commit to vote this year. Find us out at events all around the community and sign a postcard – then we’ll send it back to you in the fall as a reminder to register and vote. Or fill out our online commit to vote card right now!

Info for New (and Old) Voters

Don’t know who to vote for, or what to think about the other questions on the ballot? Or don’t even know how to vote? These resources are for you.

How do I vote? Where? What do I need to bring?

Check out our handy PDF guide on how to vote in Teton County. And for Spanish-speakers: información para votantes nuevos, en español.

What will I be voting on?

Learn about this specific election in our “Elections 101” guide, also available in a shareable PDF.

Who are the candidates?

As a nonprofit organization, the Conservation Alliance doesn’t and can’t endorse or oppose candidates. What we can do is point you towards good objective information about them, so you can make an informed choice.

2016 Voter’s Guide: Thanks to local graphic designer Brennan Hussey, we have a beautiful new voter’s guide that makes local candidates’ responses to our questionnaire way easier to navigate! Check it out and share it with your friends.

Questionnaire: We asked all the candidates how they feel about a range of issues. You can read all their responses in our 2016 candidate questionnaires here.

News: The Jackson Hole News & Guide runs a great series on the candidates, including:

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