Annual Report

The forces of change have been hard at work in Jackson Hole, and so have we. The Alliance’s theory of change is to build people power to build political power to achieve our policy goals. Find out how we’ve put our theory of change to work in our 2021 Annual Report.

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Annual Report Articles

How to Change Course

It feels like Jackson Hole reached a breaking point this summer. While every generation has lamented change as the Jackson they knew and loved vanished, it’s different this year. Now I’m hearing it across the political and ideological spectrum. Our roads were gridlocked all summer and local businesses cut hours or days because they couldn’t hire staff. The Bird called off its legendary Sunday brunch. Our local butcher put a sign on the door saying “if you want us open more days, ask for a job application.” The path we’re on is literally unsustainable: we simply can’t continue because Jackson Hole is breaking down.

How we got into this dilemma, and how we get out of it, boils down to power.

Executive Director Letter

Building People Power

We build political power by building up leaders, especially young leaders and leaders from communities who have traditionally been under-represented in the political process.

The Conservation Leadership Institute (CLI) is our flagship leadership development program, launched by Craig Benjamin in 2013 and led and improved since by Skye Schell, Phoebe Stoner, Marisa Wilson, Tisa Djahangiri, Rebecca Berry, and Karyn Chin. CLI includes basic training on advocacy and community organizing, VIP guest speakers, and hands-on team projects which have ranged from getting wildlife crossings on the ballot to saving the Genevieve Block to legalizing housing for non-traditional families. To date, we have held 11 rounds of CLI and graduated over 150 leaders. Graduates have gone on to serve on public and nonprofit boards, run for (and win!) elected office, start their own nonprofits, and work in fields such as conservation, food access, grassroots organizing, lobbying, and climate action.

On the following pages you’ll get to meet some CLI graduates, learn about projects they started during the program, and the success they went on to achieve. These and other graduates have made lasting, positive impacts on our community. We thank all the graduates of CLI for their dedication, service, and leadership in our community.

When the people lead, the leaders follow.

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Achieving Our Policy Goals

Policy change takes people power and political will. This year we’ve been putting these forces to work to effect the lasting change needed to protect what we love about Jackson Hole.

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