Annual Report

The Alliance’s theory of change is to build people power to build political power to achieve our policy goals. Find out how we’ve put our theory of change to work in our 2022 Annual Report.

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Annual Report Articles

Can we really make an impact?

If you’re like most people I know, your mind is reeling from all the change in the valley. Some of it you may see as good, some as bad. And your neighbor may think the opposite about the very same things. Sometimes it’s overwhelming – where to begin? Can we really make an impact and effect positive change?

Can we come together, even when our views are often miles apart?

Letter from our Interim Executive Director


In 2021-2022, the Alliance’s Wild Neighborhoods program helped pass updated wildlife feeding land development regulations and advocated for wildlife-friendly fencing. Next, we’ll publish the first ever Teton County Wildlife Coexistence Community Monitoring Report.

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Wild Lands

Grassroots advocacy and partnerships power the Alliance’s mission. This year we’ve been putting these forces to work to effect the lasting change needed to protect what we love about Jackson Hole.

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Community Character

This year, we launched a proactive transportation campaigned and advocated for a Northern South Park neighborhood plan that’s good for both wildlife and our workforce

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