Make a Voting Plan

1) Register to vote

Check your registration by using the tool below!

If you aren’t registered, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the county clerk’s website for up to date information about registering in person
  2. If you cannot register in person, you may register by mail. The following items are required when mailing in your registration application to your county clerk’s office:
  3. Mail your form and ID copy to the clerk. The mailing address is on the form.
  4. If you need a stamp, you can buy one at the post office or at any grocery store. Just ask the cashier to sell you a stamp.

2) Decide how you will vote

Whether voting in person or absentee by mail, having a plan is critical. There are some changes to the voting process this year, so make sure you are up to speed! This year, the Teton County Clerk’s Office is encouraging all voters to vote absentee-by-mail due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Request your absentee ballot

Visit this page for more information about how and where to vote! Important dates you need to know:

  • The general election is November 3rd
    • Early voting starts September 18th

3) Talk to your friends about voting

Voting is our way of shaping the country we live in by choosing the people who represent us. However, voter turn out in the 2016 general election was only 60.1% nation wide. When friends and family hear you say you are committed to vote and that voting matters to you, it makes a big impact. Talk to your friends and family and help them vote!

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