Keeping our waters healthy

The threat: As we see more development around the valley, our watersheds, local streams, and aquifer face increasing threats to their pristine quality.

Our water vision, based on Agenda22, our 2018 State of Wildlife report, and conversations with partners and community leaders, is:  

  • Healthy headwaters and Wild and Scenic waterways on public lands  
  • Healthy local creeks (and healthy wildlife that depend on them)
  • Safe drinking water
  • Effective wastewater management

…with water quality meeting Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act standards. 

We will work to protect our waters by:  

  • Watchdogging management actions around Wild and Scenic designations on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and work with partners to designate new waterways during Forest Plan Revision 
  • Providing grassroots advocacy / lobbying support for partners like Protect our Waters JH, potentially focused on sewer/septic regulations and standards 
  • Advocating for strong town and county natural resource protections for water and wetlands  
  • Watchdogging development in the town and county to reduce pollution and run-off into creeks  
  • Supporting partners’ stewardship projects to restore and enhance water and habitat – potentially including cottonwood flooding pilot projects on BLM parcels or fish passage through wildlife crossings
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