The Dogs

We are lucky enough at Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance to be able to bring our furry friends to work! Below are the Dog Bios for the amazing dogs that help make the alliance so special!



Owner: Kaya Patten-Fusselman(Outreach Manager)

Hi, I’m Iris! I’m a three year old Gordon Setter whose favorite things to do are (in this order): look at birds, run up mountains with my Mom and Dad, and hang out at the office with all of my friends at the Alliance. My favorite part about being part of the Alliance team is that while all of the hoomans are working hard I get to dream about all of the things I’m going to sniff and all of the mud I’m going to roll in. If you see me at the office, don’t let my calm demeanor fool you, as soon as I’m outside I will (responsibly) run to my heart’s content.


Owner: Kelsey Persyn  














Hello! My name is Milo or Miles Benjamin when I am doing something bad. I am so happy I get to come to work with my mom Kelsey! I am a one-year-old Border Collie/Black lab mix who was just adopted February 14th, 2023 (yes, Valentines Day) from the Animal Adoption Center. I was originally found living off the streets at the Wind River Reservation. I am a very sweet boy and enjoy cuddling with mom.  I love trail running and am fearless when it comes to climbing steep and rocky terrain. One time, I had to be belayed down a mountain because I jumped over a cliff to get to mom.  I am, however, deeply afraid of water and will go great lengths and take massive leaps to avoid any part of my body getting wet. I enjoy following mom anywhere she goes, eating bones (especially antlers), chasing birds and being a trash panda (which mom says were working on). I am so happy to join mom at work for such an awesome organization and make all the dog friends! Life is good!


Owner: Amy Kuszak(Community Planning Director)

Bad to the Bone.


Owner: Dawn Webster(Operations Director)

Pancake joined the team in June 2023 when she was our Operations Director’s “foster.” She threw sass and wiggles around the office and now she and her new mom are inseparable. She loves car rides, her toy taco, lap surfing, and bossing the big dogs around.


Owner: Dawn Webster(Operations Director)

Doug joined the team in January 2023 shortly after becoming a tripod, thanks to a trap. He was already Instafamous and loved when he arrived from the Wind River Reservation and is now living his best life! Doug loves going to the Bird for French fries, his busy mat, wrestling with his bestie, and giving kisses.


Originally from the Wind River Reservation, Harper joined the Krasnow household in 2020.  She is a bit shy at first, but you have her as soon as you throw her a stick, a ball, a snowball, or a rock (her favorite).  Besides chasing things, she loves to swim, nap in the sun, and hang with her ‘colleagues’ at the Alliance office.

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001