Grand Targhee Resort Proposed Expansion

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Objections To Grand Targhee Resort Cabins

Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) is initiating development of their Master Plan, which includes a resort center and a separate residential area. They have submitted their application to build a residential subdivision with 22 cabins located on 17.5 acres. GTR’s entire residential area is 84.3 acres on which 90 units could potentially be developed. The GTR Cabins application will soon be in front of the Board of County Commissioners.

Alliance Objection Letter

Proposed Expansion

Grand Targhee Resort is seeking approval for a major and problematic expansion proposed in their 2018 Master Development Plan. The Caribou-Targhee National Forest (CTNF) is evaluating the proposal through an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as a part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. The proposal would impact the local wildlife, public lands, economy, housing, and community of Teton County WY and Teton Valley ID. Targhee is proposing ~900 acres of boundary expansion towards the Jedediah Smith Wilderness Area, which is critical habitat for isolated populations of bighorn sheep and grizzly bears and within the Canada lynx area of influence. The expansion would more than double the amount of skier capacity (from 3,000 to ~6,200 skiers/day) and compound pressure on housing, transportation, emergency and medical responders, local infrastructure, and natural resources… 

 …but this expansion is not inevitable.  

Winter Upgrade Plan from 2019 Project Proposal Letter: Courtesy of SE Group.

NEPA Process

Between August and October, 2020, the Caribou-Targhee National Forest opened the Grand Targhee 2018 Master Development Plan Projects to the NEPA process, beginning with a public scoping comment period. During the scoping period, 385 comments were submitted to the Forest Service project website, raising concerns ranging from scenic viewshed to socio-economic issues, and regional transportation to wildlife impacts.  Over the last year, SE Group (the consultant hired by the Forest Service to write the EIS) has been reviewing the scoping comments and preparing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  

The release of the DEIS evaluating the expansion proposal has been pushed back to late spring/early summer of 2022. The Forest Service recently released a number of changes to the proposed expansion following the public scoping period in response to concerns within the Forest Service and from the public, as well as a FAQ explaining the updates. After the DEIS is released, the public will have a 90-day minimum period to provide comment before the draft is finalized. The DEIS comment period is the most important opportunity for community members to raise concerns not addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement or highlight important issues with the existing draft.    

As we await the DEIS, we have the opportunity to learn more about the proposal, the impacts it may have, and ways to proactively engage with and be involved with the NEPA process (to learn more about the NEPA and EIS process, see the consultants’ StoryMap here.)

How You Can Get Involved

The Alliance hopes to facilitate a grassroots coalition campaign to encourage inclusive public engagement throughout the NEPA process on the Targhee expansion. By learning more about this issue and engaging at public comment opportunities, you can contribute to community driven change in our neighborhoods, wild lands, and the places we call home. The next opportunity to get involved in the EIS process will be providing comment after the DEIS is released; however, there will be opportunities to engage workshops, meetings, and outreach in the meantime to prepare for its release.

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Opportunities for Future Public Comment 

  • Teton County, Idaho Board of County Commissioners Town Hall #2 (Date TBD) 
  • Caribou-Targhee National Forest Draft EIS Comment Period (90 days following publication of DEIS)
  • Teton County, Wyoming approvals by Planning and Zoning and/or Board of County Commissioners for base area development (design review, amendments)
    • This will happen in phases, and in some cases will require board approval – each time there is a trigger within the PUD, there will be an opportunity for public comment and review.  

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Resources and Media

The Forest Service websites houses the 2018 Master Development Plan Projects, as well as a public comment reading room 

Additionally, with the approval of the Forest Service, SE Group has developed a website that further outlines the EIS project, addresses FAQ’s, houses relevant documents, and provides updates on the process. 

Save Teton Canyon is a group of Teton Valley, Idaho; Teton County, Wyoming; and nationwide citizens concerned with ‘preserv[ing] the culture, community, and liveability
of Teton Valley by reining in the expansion of Grand Targhee Resort.’ 


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Grand Targhee Resort 2018 Master Development Plan
2018 | Planning Document 

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