Introducing Our New Office Manager, Carrie Shockley

Introducing Our New Office Manager, Carrie Shockley

Strengthening Administrative Excellence for Conservation Impact

Carrie’s journey began in the heart of Pennsylvania, where she first cultivated her love for community and the great outdoors. In 2007, she embarked on a transformative adventure, relocating to Moran, Wyoming, to join the vibrant team at Turpin Meadow Ranch. Since 2012, she’s called Jackson home, immersing herself in its dynamic culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, Carrie has seamlessly integrated her passion into her professional endeavors. Specializing in Human Resource management, she orchestrates a symphony of services and resources, ensuring organizational efficiency at every turn. But her impact doesn’t stop there.

Embracing the power of interpersonal connections, Carrie ventured into Life Coaching, guiding individuals toward fulfilling career paths. Her dedication to empowering others is palpable, fueling her every interaction and decision.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of family life—four adult children, six grandchildren, and cherished canine companions—Carrie and her husband find solace in the serenity of nature. Whether camping under the stars, traversing scenic trails, or embarking on adventures near and far, they treasure each moment spent together.

Carrie’s journey is a testament to the harmonious balance of professional ambition and personal fulfillment, a beacon of inspiration within our community. Please help us give her a warm welcome to the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Team!

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685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001