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Findings can’t be made for Snow King’s gondola, zip line, or pump house

Snow King investors are pushing to add yet another amusement park ride to our beloved Town Hill: a zip line. This additional thrill ride, if it goes hand-in-hand with what they’ve proposed on the rest of the mountain, will further degrade the character of our local ski hill – and it is far more than a “nuisance.” Not only does it break federal rules and Forest Service policies (which is why they’re putting it on private land), a zip line contradicts our local Land Development Regulations and it presents serious safety concerns. And most importantly, it doesn’t meet the vision of our Comp Plan to remain a community first, resort second.

The zip line (along with various other pieces of the resort puzzle, such as the gondola, operating hours for the summit and the base, and the pump house for snowmaking) will appear before the Town Council for a Conditional Use Permit. With your help, we can urge the Council to vote no, so that Snow King can succeed as our Town Hill, not an amusement park. This is a chance for our local representatives to hold the line, especially after they’ve left too much on the table with the master plan, and after the Forest Service released a terribly-flawed environmental impact statement.

But, there’s no time to waste – Town Council will take public comment at their meeting on July 6. Get in touch with Clare at clare@jhalliance.org if you believe a better future for Snow King is possible!

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