Vote Conservation 2018

Vote Conservation 2018


What does conservation mean to you?

Here in Teton County, the majority of our community members consider themselves to be conservationists. We care about wildlife, intact ecosystems, public lands, migration corridors, safe wildlife crossings, habitat, and a strong community where there’s housing for all and the character that makes this place home. While conservation has a unique meaning for everyone, we believe “conservationist” is a badge of honor worn by those who steward our community and environment in their awareness, attitude, and actions. Being a conservationist is a year-round role: showing up, speaking up, and – every couple years – voting to protect our ecosystem.

Our local elected representatives have the power to shape the future of our wildlife, wild places, and community character. Local and state elected representatives literally shape the future of our community. They decide how we address the housing emergency that’s threatening the fabric of our community, the transportation challenges tearing into our quality of life, the nearly 400 animals struck and killed on our roads every year, the big money special interests trying to privatize our American public lands, and the many other big challenges facing our community. If we don’t vote, we have no voice in how (or if) our elected representatives address these challenges.

At the Alliance, we believe that our local government works best when voters are fully informed and educated about the views of our candidates and elected representatives. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.”

The goal of Vote Conservation is to empower community members to be fully informed. By sharing educational resources like a voters’ guide and holding “get out the vote” events, we hope to help residents consider how their democratic right and responsibility of voting can support the conservation and community issues they care about. Our goal is to make voting accessible, fun, and easy for everyone. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we can’t and don’t support, endorse, or oppose candidates either directly or indirectly, but we can and do work to ensure our neighbors have the nonpartisan and impartial information they need to cast well-informed ballots.

How can you Vote Conservation this election cycle?

  1. Commit to Vote Local: Register and commit to vote in Teton County! Register now and vote early.
  2. Get informed: Find out where candidates stand on conservation and other issues you care about. Read their answers in our Candidate Questionairre and Voters’ Guide, talk with candidates, and vote for the ones that best reflect your priorities.
  3. Vote FOR the Teton Conservation District (TCD): Every 4 years, our community gets to reauthorize the Conservation District Tax to fund TCD’s important conservation work by voting on a ballot measure. When you cast your ballot, don’t forget to flip it over and fill in the bubble to support the Conservation District. Learn more about TCD and the ballot measure here.

View sample ballots here so you know what to expect in the voting booth.

View our Candidate Questionnaire and read our printed Voters’ Guide.

Upcoming Events


  • November 3 | Trick or Vote – knock on doors in costume and encourage our community to vote

Need more information? Want to get involved?

Email Tiana Wilson at tiana@jhalliance.org or call (307) 733-9417.

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