Unraveling Land Development Regulations

Unraveling Land Development Regulations

What You Need to Know

Land Development Regulations (LDRs) may sound like bureaucratic jargon, but they’re the backbone of shaping our community’s future in Teton County and the Town of Jackson. Think of them as the rulebook for development, rooted in our Comprehensive Plan – the blueprint for where we’re headed.

Why do LDRs matter now more than ever? Well, the easy plots for development are long gone. What’s left? Land perched on steep slopes, constrained by nature’s boundaries, or nestled in vital wildlife habitats.

Amending for Progress: What’s in Store?

  • Why tweak the LDRs? Sometimes they’re not cutting it, or circumstances shift. And let’s face it, we’re evolving as a community.
  • Who can propose changes? Anyone – from local officials to your next-door neighbor.

Current Community Amendments: Making Strides

  • PRD Amendment: Balancing development with ecosystem stewardship? Count us in! This tweak would ensure that undevelopable land isn’t factored into density calculations. Plus, it tightens the reins on environmental impacts from transportation projects. Show your support on May 13th!
  • Outdoor Reception Amendment: Good news! The Board of County Commissioners just greenlit a change to rein in massive outdoor events. No more sprawling receptions where they don’t belong. This move protects our rural areas and funnels festivities to more suitable spots.
  • NRO Amendment: It’s about time! Our county’s natural resource and wildlife protection rules are due for a revamp. Stay tuned for your chance to weigh in.

Needed Community Amendments: Calling for Action

Retaining Wall Standards: Retaining walls are a necessary evil in hillside development, but they can be wildlife barriers. The solution? Wildlife-friendly regulations. The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance is on it – let’s make sure these amendments happen.

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