Alliance Accountability Check

Holding our representatives accountable

For 40 years, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has worked to protect the wildlife, wild places, and community character of Jackson Hole. Recently, we built a civic engagement program to empower our members, and our whole community, to be active participants in our local democracy. We have found that most people in Jackson consider themselves conservationists. You probably do too. But do you know if your conservation values are being effectively championed by your elected representatives?

An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.

Thomas Jefferson

It can be a challenge to get involved and make a difference if you aren’t “in the weeds” of local politics every day. That’s why we launched the Alliance Accountability Check, including ads in the JH News & Guide highlighting local elected representatives’ decisions on key land use and conservation issues. Additionally, we track the most important local and state government votes of the year and compile them in our annual Conservation Vote Round-Up so you can stay updated on important decisions. By tracking and sharing our representatives’ votes, we can hold them accountable to prioritizing wildlife, wild lands, and our strong, diverse, and vibrant local community.

We must also acknowledge the limitations of judging representatives on a few selected votes, which might not reflect the complexity of their discussions or their values. It is also important to note that many issues never go to a formal vote, and are not tracked in our Round-Up. Contact your legislators if you have questions, and start a good conversation. As a nonprofit, we never support or oppose candidates for office – but we do take positions on issues, and give our members the information and education they need to hold elected representatives accountable to their promises and our values. We hope this helps make it easy to be involved. Thanks for taking part in the critical work of self-government!

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