Snow King

Helping Snow King succeed as our Town Hill – not an amusement park.

We believe in a better outcome for Snow King. 

The new investors at Snow King are pushing an “all-or-nothing” development scheme and are trying to convince our community that we must either accept their plans in full or watch Snow King failWe respectfully disagreeWe believe that our Town Hill deserves better, and that a better outcome is possible.  


  • New safe high-speed summit lift or gondola 
  • Nice restaurant on top  renovate the historic Panorama House  
  • Better skiing within the existing ski area footprint: glading, terrain parks, etc.
  • Full support for the Ski Club and Coombs Outdoors teaching and racing programs 
  • Guaranteed affordable rates for local skiers, whether skinning or riding lifts 
  • Housing that local workers can afford 
  • Legally binding system so commercial development at the base financially supports the ski area forever 
  • Community investment through SPETco-op shares, or philanthropy


  • Huge boundary and operating expansions into important wildlife habitat (mule deer, moose, elk, great gray owl, northern goshawk, cougar, and so much more) 
  • Multiple ziplines criss-crossing the mountain
  • Huge new road outside the current boundaries, from Ferrin’s slide to Josie’s meadowsthat ruins the best ski runs  
  • Putting kids and beginners at risk, under steep ski runs and slide paths on the road 
  • Massive 25,000 sf complex on the ridgeline 
  • Putting mountain bikes on lifts up to the top and flooding nearby trails with downhill riders 
  • Building 500,000 more square feet of already-allowed commercial development at the base (the equivalent of 10 more of the new condo buildings by the ballfield) 

We can have the good without the badOther communities have saved their local resorts without harmful development. Mad River Glen is a community shareholder co-opSteamboat Springs proudly invests in Howelson Hill every year so it’s a great resort for locals and ski jump training and doesn’t become “Disneyland. Our community could step up with co-op shares or SPET funds to build a new chairlift or gondola without all the harmful expansions. Or a small fee on commercial activity and real estate development at the base of Snow King (as is common in other resort areascould fill the financial gap and make the ski area profitable year-in, year-out.  

Unfortunately, the current investors are pushing all the development on the “BAD IDEA” list and then some. And the Forest Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement didn’t analyze reasonable range of alternatives, and could short-circuit a fair process. But if enough of our community speaks up, it may not be too late. We can get the Forest Service to study a full and fair range of alternatives. And we can work together so Snow King succeeds as our Town Hill, not an amusement park.  

Please talk to your friends, elected representatives, and the Forest Service about the future YOU want to see on our Town Hill.  

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