Saving Stilson

Saving Stilson

Preserving Jackson Hole’s Natural Legacy with Your Support

Dear Supporters of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance,

As advocates for the preservation of Jackson Hole’s natural beauty and wildlife habitats, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance is reaching out to you with urgent news regarding the proposed development of the Stilson lot. This massive development project poses a significant threat to our community’s environmental integrity, and we need your support now more than ever to ensure that Jackson Hole remains a haven for both humans and wildlife alike.

Wildlife Protection: A Matter of Urgency

  • Proposed developments at Stilson endanger two vital wildlife underpasses funded by SPET. These underpasses serve as critical crossings for our wildlife, allowing them to move freely across the landscape. However, the proposed site plans threaten to shrink these corridors to widths that are insufficient for wildlife use, essentially creating “tunnels to nowhere” in the eyes of our wildlife population. Additionally, increased traffic and noise from the development will further disrupt the delicate balance of our local ecosystems.
  • We cannot afford to let $7.65 million of taxpayer money go to waste on underpasses that may become obsolete due to irresponsible development. Your donation will help us fight to protect these crucial wildlife corridors and ensure the survival of our native species.

Preserving Scenic Beauty for Future Generations

  • The scenic views of the 22 corridor, protected by the Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust easement, are also at risk due to the proposed development. Amendments to this easement would result in financial gain for some parties, disregarding the fundamental purpose of the easement—to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations.

Addressing Traffic and Transportation Concerns

  • While improvements to transportation infrastructure, such as a new transit center and START bus priority traffic lights, offer promising solutions to traffic congestion and commute times, the proposed site plans at Stilson threaten to undermine these efforts. The addition of athletic fields, daycare facilities, housing, and retail establishments will only exacerbate traffic issues and increase noise and disturbance in critical wildlife corridors.

Upholding the Comprehensive Plan: Our Guiding Light

  • Our community’s Comprehensive Plan, finalized in 2012, serves as a blueprint for responsible growth and development in Jackson Hole. It emphasizes the importance of balancing human needs with the protection of our natural resources, including wildlife habitats and scenic vistas. It is time for our elected officials to honor the commitments laid out in this plan and ensure that future development aligns with our community’s values and priorities.

The fight to protect Jackson Hole’s natural beauty and wildlife habitats requires the collective effort of our entire community. Your generous donation to the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance will enable us to continue advocating for responsible development practices and preserving the unique character of our beloved valley.

Thank you for your ongoing support.



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