• Elk Calves

    Elk Calves

    Three elk calves at play. Photo copyright Thomas D. Mangelsen

  • Winter Pastures - Bison

    Winter Pastures - Bison

    A lone bison trudges through the snow in search of food on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo copyright Thomas D. Mangelsen

  • Daybreak on the Tetons - Mule Deer

    Daybreak on the Tetons - Mule Deer

    Mule deer below the Teton Range at sunrise in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo copyright Thomas D. Mangelsen

  • Grizzly 399 with cubs

    Grizzly 399 with cubs

    With nose pointed high, 15-year-old Grizzly 399 sniffs the gentle breeze as she pauses in a meadow; taking their mother’s lead, the three cubs mimic her, learning the ancient ways of the grizzly. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo copyright Thomas D. Mangelsen

  • Conservation & Community

    Conservation & Community

    The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Seasonal Magazine

Welcome to the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance

Who we are:

We are a grassroots organization that provides balanced solutions for the community and environment of Jackson Hole.

We engage people in creating a future that is in balance with wildlife, scenery, and community character.

We use research and collaboration to advance practical policies.

Since 1979, thousands of Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance supporters have helped our staff achieve thoughtful, community-based conservation in Jackson Hole.

Seeking Everyday Heroes - Nominate a hero today!

Everyday Heroes GV Road

Above: Everyday Heroes work on rehabilitating a now-closed road up the Gros Ventre River drainage.

Do you know someone who is quietly making a difference in Jackson Hole? Maybe you know of someone who’s installed wildlife-friendly fencing. What about that good Samaritan down the street who brings a bag on every walk to pick up litter as she strolls the pathway? If you know of an unsung conservation hero, let us know by submitting a nomination.

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Seeking Community Engagement Coordinator and a Development & Program Assistant

We have two jobs open at the Alliance and we would love your help getting the word out to people you think might be interested. 

The Community Engagement Coordinator (PDF) will empower and mobilize Alliance supporters and constituents to advance our mission of protecting the wildlife, wild places, and community character of Jackson Hole. The Community Engagement Coordinator will identify, recruit and develop leaders from the community to be effective advocates for the Alliance’s agenda, as well as serving as an advocate themself. The Community Engagement Coordinator is a full time staff member working with the Alliance staff to empower the whole community to live in balance with nature.

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35th Anniversary Celebration

Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance 35th Anniversary
Celebrating our local roots. Connecting the wHole community.

We’re proud of our roots. Jackson Hole’s conservation legacy includes the contributions of many people acting individually and collectively to strengthen those roots. Every act has mattered, and the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance is proud of the role it has played in connecting people as we’ve worked together to build a strong, wild, and beautiful community for 35 years.

As we celebrate our 35th year, we want to recognize the locals who form our roots in the “wHole” through their everyday actions. We’d like you to help us find those individuals who are making a difference in ways both large and small. Whether it’s the responsible hunter using copper shot, the backcountry skier informing others of seasonal closures, the homeowner adopting Wild Neighborhoods practices or the rancher who installed wildlife-friendly fencing, the true heroes of conservation in Jackson Hole are those whose actions demonstrate a commitment to something bigger than themselves, a person deeply rooted in the “wHole” community. Tell us who you think is making a difference by Wednesday, July 16.

From your nominations, we will select 10 individuals who will be featured in videos that highlight their essential contributions to the “wHole.” These videos will be shown during the public celebration of our 35th anniversary on September 21 at the Center for the Arts.

We look forward to celebrating our roots with you, and thank you for all you do to enhance this wild and beautiful community!

Nomination Guidelines

• Please submit your nominee by Wednesday, July 16 at 5 pm MT.
• An individual may nominate more than one person, but cannot nominate themselves. (Our roots are humble!)
• Actions considered worthy of recognition are not limited by scale or field. We’re interested in people who keep us connected to place, and to each other. We encourage nominations that span occupations and interests. All aspects of the community contribute to the “wHole.”
 Please CLICK HERE to submit your nomination, or deliver to the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance office at 685 S. Cache Street. You may mail nominations to PO Box 2728, Jackson, WY 83001, but please ensure that we receive the form by July 16.



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Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance hires new Executive Director



(JACKSON, WYO.) April 16, 2013—The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance is excited to announce the promotion of Craig M. Benjamin to Executive Director. Over his career, Benjamin has established a proven track record of collaboration and empowering the community to accomplish conservation outcomes.

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