The Path to a Better Transportation Future

Jackson Hole stands at a crossroads.

We can maintain the status quo of increasing summer traffic congestion, killing an average of 114 mule deer, 35 elk, and 15 moose on Teton County roads every year, and planning to widen highways dividing our community.

Or, we can get on the path to a better future where we align our transportation decisions with our community’s vision of people having the freedom to safely and conveniently get where they need to go on foot, bike, or transit, and protecting wildlife and our families by making it safe for wildlife to cross the road.

Over the past year Teton County and the Town of Jackson have been working together to craft an Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) that will shape our transportation future. This week, our elected representatives held a workshop and dove into the details of the recently released public review draft of this plan.

While this public review draft takes a number of important steps in the right direction, with a few improvements, it could even more effectively advance our community’s vision of a better transportation future. Improvements like:

  • Dealing with our traffic congestion through prioritizing investments in public transportation, bicycling, and walking,
  • Strengthening wildlife protection provisions, and
  • Calling for an integrated transportation planner to proactively move our community toward a better transportation future.

Click here to tell your elected representatives to get the integrated transportation plan on the right path.

Stay tuned for more information on a public hearing regarding the integrated transportation plan where you can join dozens of your friends and neighbors in speaking up for transportation decisions that align with our values and vision for our community.

For a full list of recommended improvements to the draft plan, click here to read the Alliance comment letter.

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