Alliance Applauds Adoption of District 2 Land Development Regulations

Alliance Applauds Adoption of District 2 Land Development Regulations

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance applauds the Monday, November 21, adoption of updated District 2 (downtown) land development regulations (LDRs) by the Jackson Town Council.

“The Alliance thanks the Jackson Town Council for all of their hard work on this important issue and for adopting updates to our land use rules that will help house our community’s middle class, help our small businesses find and keep hard working employees, and keep downtown vibrant and the heart of our community,” said Alliance Executive Director, Craig M. Benjamin.

“It’s fantastic the updated downtown LDRs strictly limit new commercial and lodging development potential and include an innovative workforce housing incentive program that should empower the private sector to generate housing affordable to people who work here,” said Alliance Community Planning Director, Mary Gibson.

“This outcome is even more fantastic when you consider that just over one year ago the Town Council was poised to approve zoning changes for downtown Jackson that would have encouraged a dramatic expansion of commercial development, lodging, short-term rentals, and higher-end condos (i.e. second homes); generating new low-wage jobs staffed by new low-wage employees who need new affordable places to live, all while not providing nearly enough housing affordable to people who live here,” said Alliance Civic Engagement Director, Skye Schell.

“The Alliance extends an enormous thanks both to the hundreds of community members who spoke up and asked our local elected representatives to prioritize the middle class over more new Marriotts, and to the Town Council for listening and completely revamping the proposed downtown LDRs to bring them in line with our community’s vision and ensure they help house our middle class,” said Alliance Communications and Field Coordinator, Marisa Wilson.

The Alliance looks forward to working with the Town Council, partner organizations, and our engaged and passionate fellow community members as we continue to update LDRs in other districts

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