Wildlife WIN!

Wildlife WIN!

Going into election night, our staff and volunteers were universally nervous. This was a day we’ve dreamed of for years – and it was finally upon us. So we almost couldn’t believe our eyes when the news broke: 79% of Teton County voters said YES to wildlife crossings!

With that, our community has dedicated $10 million to build crossings at top priority locations from the Teton County Wildlife Crossings Masterplan – a great start at building a network of crossings all over the county that protects us and wildlife on the roads, and can maintain wildlife migration and movement corridors forever.

Our priority today is to thank everyone who made this possible:

  • Vance Carruth, for inviting friends – the community, really – into your living room over a decade ago and saying “let’s do something”
  • Sandy Shuptrine, for being there with Vance from the beginning
  • The best Political Action Committee (PAC) chair we could have asked for: Barbara Allen
  • And the best PAC treasurer we could have hoped for: Mac Dukart
  • A fiercely committed volunteer and canvassing team, reaching 1,100 voters by door and phone: Autumn Reagan, Ashlie Gilbert, Chelsea Carson, Mason Hill, Sara Dery, Perrine Monet, Walt Esquivel, Kate Winters, Hamish Tear, Chrissy Stretton, Lauren Bain, Melissa Wandursky, Suzanne Mancini, Tessa Bennett, Ainsley Pratt, and Duncan Williams.
  • Our longtime partner, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, for a decade+ of great work – special thanks to Chris Colligan, Mac Dukart, and Siva Sundaresan
  • Our friends at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation – especially Jon, Kate, and Kyle – for carrying the torch of science and data
  • All the PAC partners: Aaron Pruzan, Center for Large Landscape Conservation, Cougar Fund, Wyoming Outdoor Council, Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures, Yellowstone to Yukon, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, National Parks Conservation Association, Greater Yellowstone Coalition
  • Our Alliance board, for their support and leadership throughout this campaign
  • And of course, our Alliance staff: Ryan (led our grassroots efforts), Molly (got the word out through all types of communications), Leah (helped put the wildlife crossings masterplan together, then went door-to-door a week after knee surgery), and Brooke, Tisa, Dawn, and Skye.
  • And former Alliance staff who got us to this vote, especially Trevor, Craig, Siva and Marisa
  • Our Town Council and County Commission for putting the measure on the ballot
  • The hardworking and caring county engineering staff, especially Amy Ramage – and WYDOT’s engineers too
  • And all the wildlife champions whose shoulders we stand on and work we honor – especially Mardy Murie and Gregory Griffith – we wish you were here to celebrate today too.
  • The 4,888 of our friends and neighbors who voted YES!
  • Everyone else who has been part of this over the years – you know who you are. Thank you!

We are also incredibly excited and thankful to the voters who said yes to our community with important investments in transportation, water quality, housing that local workers can afford, recreation opportunities for people of all incomes, and much more.

We’ll be in touch about what’s next… but for now, let’s celebrate a big day for the future of our wildlife AND our community. 

With gratitude,

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance team

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001