It’s time to build a Bear-Friendly Jackson Hole

It’s time to build a Bear-Friendly Jackson Hole

Jackson cares about our wildlife – let’s voice support for updating regulations that reflect that!

The bad news

This has been a terrible year for grizzly bears in Jackson Hole. So far, five human food-conditioned grizzlies have been put down in the valley. While Grizzly 399 receives most of the media focus, countless other bears in and around the Jackson Hole area are also at risk of losing their lives due to improperly secured human food.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the chance to help protect Jackson’s bears now.  

The good news

Teton County has already released the proposed regulation to solve this problem! We have been involved in a stakeholder group updating the regulations for three years, and the rules are ready for public review. Please join us in thanking and supporting the County staff and Commission for caring about bears and all of our wildlife! 

The solution

The Alliance and our friends at the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation are launching the final stage of the Bear-Friendly Jackson Hole campaign to support the County in adopting updated wildlife feeding regulations, which would require bear-proof trash cans countywide. By preventing problematic food sources, we can prevent the unnecessary deaths of bears in the valley.  

The Alliance and our partners are hosting a launch event on December 7 to walk through the proposed regulations, answer questions, and plan fun actions with our members and friends 


  • December 13 – the County’s Planning Commission will review and hopefully approve the updated wildlife feeding regulations 
  • December – January – This is your time to submit public comment supporting the adoption of the updated regulations.  
  • January 2022 – the update will go to the Board of County Commissioners, who will cast the deciding vote.  
  • 2022 – We will urge Jackson Town Council to take the new county rules and adapt them for the more urban town setting, hopefully adopting an ordinance before bears come out of hibernation next year! 
  • Once the County and Town pass these regulations, the Alliance and our partners will focus our efforts on an education campaign to make sure everyone participates in making Jackson Hole Bear-Friendly! 

What’s my role?  

We need your help to get the updated regulations over the finish line. Sign the bear care pledge and RSVP to join us on December 7 for the launch of our Bear-Friendly Jackson Hole campaign!

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