Wyoming gets ready to “electrify” its roads

Wyoming gets ready to “electrify” its roads

Be a part of the future of EVs in the Equality State

Wyoming is preparing to “electrify” its roadways to make electric vehicles (EVs) more feasible, beginning with three interstates and vital routes to national parks. The state will receive $23.96M over the next 5 years from a federal electric vehicle infrastructure program. The funding comes from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was passed in November of 2021. 

The state will begin installing charging stations to create a more reliable infrastructure for EVs to travel within the state. This will incentivize EV ownership in Wyoming and benefit tourism, as more charging stations will allow visitors to explore local attractions and spend more time in individual towns. 

We are excited to see Wyoming create a robust EV travel network. 

This week Yellowstone-Clean Cities and the Wyoming Department of Transportation traveled throughout the state to present an EV infrastructure implementation plan for using National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funds.  

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