County’s virtual open house on Tribal Trail Connector Road online until May 20

County’s virtual open house on Tribal Trail Connector Road online until May 20

Learn about proposed alternatives and let elected officials know how you feel about the proposed road

Teton County held an open house last week where they presented information about the proposed Tribal Trail Connector Road.  The county is currently analyzing five intersection alternatives for the connection with WY-22,  along with the no-build option that the Alliance supports.  

 Why are we rushing to approve this road when the planning for the 22 corridor is about to start? This approach is in direct conflict with language contained within Teton County’s Integrated Transportation Plan that “major capital investments in specific corridors will be made based on network analysis, not in isolation one corridor at a time.”  

Instead, we  believe that the goals of the Tribal Trail Connector Road project can be met during the upcoming re-design of WY-22 that will begin this summer. Additionally, Teton County should quantify both the costs and benefits of this connector road before proceeding,  following their own guidance by making this decision in the context of the plan for the entire WY-22 corridor. 

We urge you to go to the virtual open house that will be online until May 20.  Learn more about the project and let county staff and our elected officials know how you feel.  You can also visit  the Alliance Tribal Trail website for more information and to sign up for updates.  

The County plans to vote on these alternatives in July, so get informed and engage! 

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