CLI Graduate in Action

CLI Graduate in Action

Max Moran is a 2022 graduate of the Conservation Alliance’s Conservation Leadership Institute and a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Wyoming.  He is currently employed as a Civil Engineer at Beyond Efficiency in Jackson and is on the ballot for the Board of Directors at Lower Valley Energy.

Why did you decide to run for the Lower Valley Energy Board? What role did CLI play in shaping that decision?  

Running for a board seat on Lower Valley Energy(LVE) has been on my mind since my first days in Jackson. As a cooperative, there is an incredible opportunity for us to shape the future of energy and energy infrastructure projects in the area. As a collective whole, many residents of Teton county are ambitious to kickstart clean energy projects and steer us towards a clean energy future. However, the utility board of directors, the entity responsible for steering that initiative, does not possess the same level of ambition. Elections, which are frequently uncontested, are minimally publicized with little to no public discussion.  

I am a graduate of the Fall 2022 CLI class, and I think CLI played a huge role in pushing me over the edge to finally enter the LVE race. CLI pushed me to recognize that a call to action existed and that I could bring a specialized skill set to the board.  

What were your key takeaways from the Conservation Leadership Institute? I had two major takeaways; a newfound confidence in my abilities to communicate and advocate though public forums and, maybe more importantly, an invaluable web of new friends and associates who care deeply about conservation issues in the community. I am grateful for these new contacts (some I am happy to call my close friends) whom I can now rally and rely on to speak up for conservation issues in the community.  

What was a highlight from your CLI experience?  

Each week our class had the opportunity to hear from a regarded member of the community; political figures, conservation figures, state employees etc. We were given the opportunity to ask these accredited individuals questions pertaining to pertinent conservation struggles and succeed in the area. I was routinely impressed by how personal each individual was, and their eagerness to get individuals involved.  

Would you recommend CLI to other individuals and why?  

Absolutely I would. The Conservation Leadership Institute is a truly one of a kind experience for individuals looking to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to contribute to public leadership opportunities. Public engagement is a daunting endeavor – CLI provided me with the tools and confidence to take that leap.  

How can members participate in these elections? Ballots have now been delivered to ALL LVE bill paying members via USPS. Ballots contain a prepaid stamped envelope and need to be received by LVE before the annual Meeting on June 29th. If you think you may have thrown the ballot away, you can request a replacement by contacting LVE’s Julia Shumway at (307) 885-6160 

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