State of Wildlife

Do you know the biggest threat to wildlife and habitat in Jackson Hole?

We asked a number of experts and got many different responses.

That’s why the Alliance has undertaken a State of Wildlife study.

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The State of Wildlife study will be a tool for our community to guide conversations and decisions relating to Jackson Hole wildlife. It will:

  • Synthesize existing data on wildlife population trends into a unified, understandable, and publicly available reference.
  • Identify key threats, gaps in current knowledge or data on wildlife populations, and explore our most needed conservation efforts.
  • Help develop a common framework among conservation groups to clarify our roles and priorities.

Wildlife is consistently ranked as our community’s highest priority and community value. This study will ensure we are pursuing all the right avenues, based on the best available and most accurate science, to adequately protect what makes this place special.

So what’s the biggest threat to wildlife and habitat? Stay tuned to find out!

The State of Wildlife study is funded through the Alliance Research Fund, which supports projects that foster a community-wide conversation, based on facts and data, about the long-term consequences of our decisions. Learn more about the Research Fund here.

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