Protect our American public lands TODAY!

Protect our American public lands TODAY!

Our American public lands define our quality of life in Wyoming. They are where we hike, fish, ski, kayak, hunt, climb, mountain bike, wildlife-watch, camp, and [insert fun outdoor activity here] with our friends and families. They support our abundant populations of wildlife and draw millions of visitors to this special place every year.

The powerful special interest groups and extremists pushing their unpopular agenda to privatize our public lands to take away our access do not speak for you and me.

Click here to write your state representatives and protect our American public lands.

Right now, in the Wyoming House of Representatives, two bills are on the docket that threaten our American public lands and our quality of life in Jackson Hole. These bills are scheduled for a vote tomorrow (Friday!), and every one of us needs to speak up today to let our state representatives know we oppose them and the extreme agenda of those seeking to privatize our American public lands.

HB 126, Public land access, allows the transfer of public lands to state control. Lands managed by the state are routinely leased or sold to private developers and closed to us for camping, hunting, fishing, and recreating.

HB 142, Transfer of federal lands, would begin the process of privatizing public lands in Wyoming, again taking away our access to use and enjoy these treasured places for the profit of a few.

These bills do not represent the values of the people of Wyoming and threaten our way of life. We need to make sure our elected representatives remember that the people of Wyoming strongly oppose the anti-government effort to seize and sell our American public lands.

Join hundreds of your friends and neighbors in telling your state representatives you support our public lands, and they should, too.

Click here to write your state representatives today and help protect our public lands.

For more background on this issue click here and here.  

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