What your neighbors are saying about Northern South Park

What your neighbors are saying about Northern South Park

Talk of the neighborhood

While the community anxiously awaits draft options of what the new neighborhood in Northern South Park could look like, your neighbors have been talking (and writing). Click the titles to read more! 

It’s still a demand problem

We are dealing with powerful global forces that can sweep our concerns aside like leaves in the wind. The world outside Teton County does not share our concern about the local ecosystem or the lack of affordable housing for our workers. It will happily build subdivisions from High School Road to Hoback if we allow it.

Paul O'Brien (Melody Ranch)

There is a hurry

If the majority of new development is restricted to those who work in the county the demand is no longer infinite — it is limited to those who work here. Can we realistically satiate the worldwide demand for Jackson Hole? No, nor should we. Can we make a large dent in the demand for those who want to live and work here? We most certainly can, and northern South Park, if done right, will do just that. The time to act is now, before it is too late.

Ian Johnston

Right on the money

There can and should be a balance with the northern South Park expansion. The Gills certainly have the right to benefit from the development, but at what cost to our community? We must be able to meet in the middle.

Shirley Thomas (South Park)

I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that

There is still time and ability to steer and steward this valley to a place that is protected and in balance and even sets an example to the rest of the world. But each and all of us must use our voices. Individuals who speak up are the ones heard, and the tally of our voices together can shift the perspective of the institutions and policymakers that can help us stay in that balance during this time of change.

Mary Wendell Lampton (Wilson)

A life without wildlife

What would the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem feel like without wildlife? Roads keep our town moving. We all have jobs to get to and adventures to be had. We need to remember that wildlife have places to be too. As we build new neighborhoods in Teton County, we must save space for wildlife too.

Melissa Wandursky (Shooting Iron)

South Park changes

South Park is the only place that new development can go. North is not an option. West has been eaten up, and when Snake River Ranch decides to go all in, it will be swallowed. East? We’ve gone about as far east as we can go. So that brings us back to south…This northern South Park development is going to change the face of the valley forever.

Cindy Stone (South Park)

Applauding the Alliance

With all due respect to Jennifer Ford, the developers do have a formidable PR machine behind them. See Liz Brimmer … and Brimmer Communications.

Mike May (Melody Ranch)

Join your neighbors in conversation

Northern South Park is a turning point for our community. We run the risk of worsening our housing crisis and creating a suburban maze for wildlife…or, we have the opportunity to build a neighborhood for everyone, where essential workers can afford a home and wildlife can get safely where they need to go. To ensure we get the latter, I encourage you and your neighbors to join the conversation.

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