County Commissioners to decide future of Wildlife Friendly Fencing with vote on September 20

County Commissioners to decide future of Wildlife Friendly Fencing with vote on September 20

Help support wildlife in Teton County and get Wildlife Friendly Fencing over the finish line!

Wildlife permeability is defined as wildlife’s ability to move through a landscape without conflicts, therefore sustaining ecological processes.  Connectivity is the “degree to which the landscape facilitates or impedes movement.”* One tangible way we can promote wildlife permeability (an important goal of our Comprehensive Plan) is by mitigating features on the landscape that impede wildlife movement. 

If not done right, fencing can be harmful or even lethal to wildlife. Animals are too often caught and trapped in fences, and large fencing installations can disrupt wildlife permeability, negatively impacting how an individual or group of animals move through the ecosystem. Scientists estimate there are over 600,000 miles of fences crisscrossing the Western United States. Wildlife must endure extreme challenges as they traverse the landscape.

We have the chance to do fencing better here in Teton County. 

On Monday, September 20, the County Commission will meet and vote on whether to approve the amended version of Section 5.1.2: Wildlife Friendly Fencing, part of the Natural Resource Land Development Regulations (LDR) update. We are very grateful for all the work in the LDR update process. The Planning Commission worked through multiple iterations of the draft and incorporated feedback at every stage. We believe the changes have improved the code greatly as they are based on community input, compromise, and the most up-to-date research on wildlife movement.   

Please send in written comment, or give comment at the meeting, urging your Commissioners to approve the amended version.  

  • Submit written comments to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) at commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov  
  • Use this link to attend the BCC meeting on September 20, 2021
  • Read the latest staff report HERE. Find additional information, including the timeline of this process and draft language, HERE. 

Please support the county in changing the rules for wildlife friendlier fencing! 

*Taylor, P. D., L. Fahrig, K. Henein, G. Merriam. 1993. Connectivity is a vital element of landscape structure. Oikos 68:571-573.

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