A tribute to Chuck Resor

A tribute to Chuck Resor

The Alliance says “goodbye” to a dear friend, passionate conservationist, and founder of the organization. 

On April 24, Alliance co-founder and life-long supporter Chuck Resor passed away at his home in Jackson. He was 75 years old.  

Chuck was a bright and accomplished lawyer, inventor, and conservationist. He first visited Jackson Hole in 1948 when he was just one year old. His frequent visits to his family’s Jackson Hole ranch instilled in him a deep love for the valley, its unique wildlife, and wholesome community. Chuck would eventually follow this passion and make Jackson Hole his home. 

As a passionate conservationist, Chuck cared deeply about Jackson’s wild wonders. He helped accomplish many conservation victories, including protecting the headwaters of Fish Creek from sewage discharge and preserving the Walton Ranch and its iconic vistas. In 1979, he joined with other fellow environmentalists to establish the Jackson Hole Alliance for Responsible Planning, now known as the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance.  

We are deeply saddened by the loss of this incredible individual who gave so much to our community and dedicated much of his life to protecting our valley. He will be remembered fondly and missed dearly.  

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