Meet our Annual Report Photo Contest Winner!

The Alliance’s 2021-2022 Annual Report hit mailboxes this week and features winners of our annual photo contest. Meet this year’s winner, Tori Harp!

The Alliance’s 2021-2022 Annual Report is out and features images from our 15 photo contest finalists. Our winner is Tori Harp, the photographer responsible for the stunning fox picture featured on the cover. A huge thank you to Tori for sharing her art with us, and to Stio for providing a generous gift for our winner!

Tori grew up spending time in nature hunting and tracking wildlife with her dad, which gave her a keen ability to sense the presence of a nearby animal and connect with them. Once she borrowed her mom’s camera, she became absorbed in the possibilities, from shooting pictures of the night sky and sunsets to wildlife encounters.

We connected with Tori and got to ask her a few questions:

Tell us about the moment you took the cover photo: I spotted the fox running along the side of the road, so I pulled over in a safe place ahead of it and hiked into the woods. I thought about what their hunting pattern may be, got ahead of that, and waited. It took a long time, but the fox eventually ran straight in my direction.

What is your favorite wildlife to photograph? My favorite wildlife encounter was photographing a Lynx, but I don’t get to do that often. My favorite though is the fox- they’re so playful and it’s intriguing to watch them hunt.

What else can you tell us about you and your photography? I travel a lot and like to immerse myself in a location, living there for 4-6 months at a time. You really get to know the area and the wildlife that way.

Thank you Tori! Check out more of her work at https://www.toriharpimages.com/


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