Build A Coalition

Build A Coalition

Creating A Vehicle To Monitor Highway 22 Changes 

Thanks again to the people who participated in the ‘launch’ of the Jackson Hole Transportation StudyConsidering Wyoming Highway 22 Futures. The study – and the recommendations and the responses that were derived from it – demonstrated how much the Jackson Hole community is engaged in the future of Highway 22 and how concerned they are with the road planning and environmental planning to be executed by WYDOT in the next few years.  

For those who couldn’t make it to the presentations or didn’t get a copy of the study commissioned from, and written by, the nationally acclaimed sustainable transportation planning firm, Nelson Nygaard, you can get the materials and see the presentation from the links below.  

Jackson Hole Transportation Study   

Video Presentation of the Transportation Study and Recommendations 

As a reminder to those who participated in the launch, the last recommendation from the presentation is to “Build A Coalition.”  That recommendation came from the realization that the environmental assessment, and the plan that results from WYDOT for Highway 22 in the coming year or years, will impact Jackson Hole forever. So, it is critical that the Jackson Hole community joins together to fully participate in the Highway 22 planning.  

You may be aware that there is already a Coalition – The Teton Transportation Coalition – a group of community and business leaders, non-profits (including the Conservation Alliance), elected officials from Town, County and State Governments, representatives from the Parks, and others. We meet regularly through a steering committee and, less frequently, though meetings of the entire coalition. These are leaders who are concerned about the community and the transportation resources within it.  

That said, from our conception 44 years ago as the Jackson Hole Alliance for Responsible Planning, we’ve relied on our members, friends, and the community at large to help us advocate for planning that respects the wildlife, wild places and the unique character of the Jackson Hole community. Our strength comes from our 550 Alliance Members, you, the members of this online Conservation Chronicle community, from our over 300 CLI graduates and from the Jackson Hole community at large who is concerned about the future of Jackson Hole.  

That’s why it’s important that you and the entire community is kept up to date on elements of the planning process for Highway 22; the sharing of information between WYDOT and our elected officials, Teton County Transportation managers, the Town of Jackson, the Teton County public land managers, Park and wildlife managers and others, as represented by the Teton Transportation Coalition. 

Stay tuned.  

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