County Passes Control of Tribal Trail Connector to WYDOT

County Passes Control of Tribal Trail Connector to WYDOT

The Teton County Board of County Commissioners voted 4-1 to turn over management control of the Tribal Trail Connector to WYDOT.  

The controversial ‘connector’ road has been discussed for years, connecting Highway 22 to South Park Loop Road. Proponents claim that the connector will ease congestion on 22 while opponents are concerned that it will cross sensitive wetlands and simply transfer through traffic to neighborhood roads. 

The Alliance, in our Transportation Study, recommended that the Tribal Trail planning be delayed until the WYDOT Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) study on Highway 22 options and recommendations are available, because mitigation options on 22 may minimize the need for a Tribal Trail connector.  

One significant carrot provided by WYDOT was the transfer of costs from the County to WYDOT and the Federal Government. While saving money, the application of State and Federal funds also imposes State and Federal standards to the roads that are built.  

Luther Propst, the sole negative vote on the motion, stated that the move was premature and that the loss of control on much or most of the process could pose dramatic risks to Teton County’s ability to control the process and outcomes.   

More information about the handoff can be found in this recent JH News & Guide article.

 We will provide more information as it becomes available. 

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