A grassroots community park design for Karns Meadow

A grassroots community park design for Karns Meadow

A park designed for human-wildlife coexistence

A group of concerned citizens worked with the Conservation Alliance to create an alternative, grassroots low-development concept for Karns Meadow (see the Karns Meadow – Low Development Map above – click to enlarge). There is tremendous community concern that the development of a community park in Karns Meadow will disrupt the habitat and ecological value of the meadow, the Town’s last natural habitat next to Flat Creek. 

Instead of paving more than an acre of this invaluable wetland with an impermeable pathway and encroaching on critical habitat, we propose permeable footpaths geared toward quiet recreation and connection to nature. These trails would not encircle the entire meadow, nor cross Flat Creek twice, as alternate designs propose for the paved pathway. Our community has more to lose from overdevelopment of this wetland than it does to gain from a paved pathway that is duplicitous with bike paths currently surrounding the meadow.  

As of now, the Town Council is likely to vote on this development in mid to late Fall 2023. Watch this space for updates on Karns Meadow development and how you can take action – we will be watching this closely and keeping you up to date.  

Read more form the Alliance about Karns Meadow: 


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