Human-Wildlife Coexistence Report Ready to Launch

Human-Wildlife Coexistence Report Ready to Launch

A sneak peek at our coexistence publication 

Human-wildlife coexistence is central to living in Teton County, yet tracking our progress in coexistence has been difficult. To make informed decisions concerning coexistence, it is important to establish metrics to track our challenges, successes, and opportunities over time. Although many organizations collect data on singular aspects of human-wildlife coexistence, our community lacks a centralized resource to holistically evaluate community-level coexistence. The Alliance’s Teton County Wildlife Coexistence Monitoring Report addresses this gap by compiling 20 metrics of human-wildlife coexistence.

This report is intended to inform and advance ecosystem stewardship, monitoring, and conservation action in Teton County. The 20 metrics presented represent a starting point for monitoring and stewarding the incredible natural capital of this area. By establishing this baseline, future monitoring, research, dialogue and action can be targeted toward root challenges, evolving opportunities, and a united community vision of human-wildlife coexistence in Teton County.

See some examples below:

Chapter 1 presents metrics related to Land Use, including Habitat Protection and Threats and Landscape Permeability.

Wildlife-vehicle collisions are one of eight metrics we track in the Land Use chapter:

Chapter 2 focused on Human-Wildlife Interactions from Bear Feeding/Conflict and Recreation.

Human-Bear Conflicts are one of seven metrics we track in the Human-Wildlife Interactions chapter:

Finally, Chapter 3 highlights the Human Dimensions of Coexistence, evaluating Strategies, Monitoring, and Funding as well as Stakeholder Perspectives.

Town of Jackson environmental funding is one of nine metrics we track in the Human Dimensions of Coexistence chapter:

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