The Conversation Begins

The Conversation Begins

Summer is here in Jackson Hole. The trails are more crowded. The cars are lined up at the Park entrances and at favorite areas of the park like Jenny Lake, with cars parked along the roads. People are lined up at Dornan’s and other casual dining restaurants. Parking in town takes a bit more time to find.  


And people are talking about the traffic congestion on WY22 again. The bridge work seems to make the traffic worse to some, and people worry about what will happen when and if construction to widen the road begins in the not-so-distant future.  


Recently, WYDOT announced that they are adjusting the timing of traffic lights at the 22-390 intersection to alleviate delays on 390 at that intersection.  


It seems that everyone has an opinion on the problems of traffic congestion on WY22 (and 390), but the solutions remain elusive. So where can you go to learn the options and how those options compare?  


WYDOT is forming a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to take the pulse of various elements of the community. The Alliance hopes to participate in the CAC.  Given our investment of two years and subsequent discussion of our extensive – and expensive – study of the various options that WYDOT will be exploring through their Citizens Advisory Committee. If we are selected to participate in the CAC, we will evaluate all the options on an even-handed basis, and we will tell you what we think is the best. And why.  


If we are not selected for the CAC, we will do the same. The conversation is too important and the final result will be forever.  


Stay tuned.  

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