CLI Graduate Highlight

Today’s highlight is the new Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance employee and former CLI graduate, Liv Sears.

  1. What inspired you to sign up for CLI?

I was most intrigued by the unique opportunity; a free course that would help me not only start discussing environmental causes again, but those that are relevant to my surroundings and community. My job at the time wasn’t fulfilling my desire to learn more about where I fit into sustainability, conservation, and activism in Jackson. I was looking for a way to get myself involved and connect with others who had this similar drive! 

  1. You now have a leadership role with the Alliance. What are some ways CLI prepared you for this position?

CLI gave me a better understanding of integrating long-term objectives with local priorities. Most of our classes were tied together with the theme of community character, something we are striving to sustain in our work at the Alliance. Understanding the value of realistic, achievable, and quantifiable goals allows for more momentum through peaks and lulls and trying to have fun while remaining passionate! 

  1. What is your favorite thing about living in Jackson Hole? Why is being a leader in conservation so important here?

My favorite part about living here is the incredible access to outdoor recreation. The pristine mountains and rivers that surround us are so special and the connection that our community has to these spaces is what keeps us going. It is so valuable to fully understand the changes that are occurring and to be a part of solutions that can protect the land, history, flora/fauna/human inhabitants. 

  1. What was your favorite thing about CLI?

My favorite thing about CLI was the group project. It was fun to collaborate with other students and dive into a cause we truly cared about and sought change to better the community. It was liberating to write letters to the editor, conduct research regarding our project, and meet with council members and other locals. It was very approachable alongside my teammates and with our newfound knowledge and strategy for grassroots organizing! 

  1. Would you recommend CLI to members of the community and why?

Yes, I would. Whether you are looking to work in the environmental field, interested in policy or local politics, trying to network, or just want to have an outlet for the causes you hold close to your heart, CLI is a great opportunity to expand your horizons. It will open your eyes to all the different avenues for community engagement in our special and involved town. 

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001