Conservation Requires Good Community Planning

Conservation Requires Good Community Planning

As the foundation of community planning, public participation shapes the community’s vision and values and ultimately the Comprehensive Plan. Adoption of a Comprehensive Plan allows for establishment of land development regulations and zoning by which a community will implement their vision. Community planners, elected officials and the public scrutinize development proposals against the comprehensive plan, development standards and zoning – ensuring the community’s vision is upheld. 





                   COMMUNITY VISION AND GUIDING DOCUMENT                 








Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan  →  Our Community’s Guiding Document 

Planning is successful when it is inclusive and reflects the comprehensive values of the entire community. In 2012, Jackson and Teton County demonstrated exceptional community involvement when they adopted the Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan. This plan is the guiding document for the future of our town and county and represents the community’s shared vision.  

The community vision is the foundation of our Comprehensive Plan. 

“Preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations.” 

As part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest intact temperate ecosystem in the world, we have a responsibility not only to our community but to the greater ecosystem to uphold our community vision.  

The Comprehensive Plan is built on 3 Common Values, Ecosystem Stewardship, Growth Management and Quality of Life.  All 3 Values receive equal weight/importance and are realized by directing development out of the rural areas and valuable wildlife habitat and into complete neighborhoods.  The health of our ecosystem, community and economy depends on sustaining the quality and quantity of our wildlife and natural and scenic resources, and community character.  Our success depends on the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. 

Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan → Zoning and Land Development Regulations 

The Comprehensive Plan, its vision, and values are implemented by zoning and land development regulations.  Zoning dictates allowable uses on a site.  Land development regulations are the standards by which development can occur on a site. 

The Town and County zoning together with Land Development Regulations implement the Comprehensive Plan and the Community Vision.  

The Comprehensive Plan commits to ecosystem stewardship, health of all native species, avoidance of habitat fragmentation, maintenance of water quality and limiting our contribution to climate change.  Some of this commitment has been implemented by the Land Development Regulations, but there is still work to be done.  Amending the Land Development Regulations will fully implement the Comprehensive Plan, resulting in realization of Plan’s commitment. 

Civic Engagement → Improved Conservation  

Civic engagement ensures that the community’s vision is upheld, allows for improved conservation, and holds our public officials accountable.   

Successful civic engagement starts by knowing what is happening in the community. Check the Planning Department’s website and public hearing agendas and know who your elected officials and decision makers are.  

Get involved, community engagement provides the checks and balances we need to ensure our Comprehensive Plan is implemented as intended.  Write informed public comment letters, go to public meetings. 

Need help navigating the Regulations and application process?  Call or email the Planning Department. If you’d like to take an even more active role, consider volunteering for the town or county planning commission. 

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