Thank you Mark!

Thank you Mark!

Mark Sullivan has spent the past six years on the Alliance Board of Directors, most recently serving as co-chair, protecting the wildlife, wild places, and community character of Jackson Hole. Though we know Mark will continue to be one of the fiercest advocates for our community character and our wildlife, his second term on the Alliance board ended last month, and we wanted to take the time to thank him for his dedication to the organization.

When he joined the board in 2011, Mark said “I believe that Jackson Hole’s greatest asset is its open space, whether publicly or privately owned. We must fight to protect every inch of land, for the sake of the wildlife, to preserve the extraordinary character of this place, and for the enjoyment of future generations. At the same time we can help ensure that our human community grows, becoming ever more vibrant and sustainable.”

According to several board members Mark has worked with over the years, he did a lot to advance that goal. What they all added, though, was the most valuable thing Mark contributed was his leadership.

“Mark’s calm and thoughtful guidance was invaluable in taking the Alliance through leadership transitions at both the staff and board levels,” former Alliance board member and Leadership Council member Bernie McHugh noted, “His passion for our community has been immensely important in focusing the Alliance not only on what must be done but on what can be done.”

Former Alliance board member Beverly Lane Smith, who worked with Mark for much of his tenure, also was quick to note his leadership. “When we think about the great leaders in our country or around the world, more often than not, we think of those that rose above or despite great challenges,” she said. “Mark is one of these great leaders for the Alliance and our community. He stepped up to the plate time and time again when we needed him most, during times of transition and change both for the Alliance and for Jackson. He led our organization with a thoughtful approach and often outside-of-the-box thinking, and we have all benefited from his vision and leadership.”

Alliance Secretary Claire Fuller summarized Mark’s time on the Board nicely, stating “Mark lead this organization with a quiet competence and passion for conservation that was impossible to resist. I’m better off having worked with him, and the Alliance and the community is better off because of his work.”

Thank you, Mark, for all your years of hard work and passion. The Alliance is a better organization because of you, and Jackson Hole is a better community because of your work.

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