What does ‘preserve and protect our area’s ecosystem’ mean to you?

What does ‘preserve and protect our area’s ecosystem’ mean to you?

We are fortunate to have a Comprehensive Plan – the Town and County’s guiding vision – that prioritizes protecting our ecosystem. Now, the Town and County are working together to turn that vision into new natural resource protections. These land development regulations (LDRs) are where the rubber meets the road.

Here’s how we think about it: Jackson Hole has the greatest wildlife and natural resources of anywhere in the Lower 48 – so we should have the greatest protections of our wildlife and natural resources of anywhere in the Lower 48. Let’s be national leaders and show what it looks like to truly be a community living in balance with nature.

Our elected representatives want to know what you think about key questions, such as:

· Where should we require protecting our natural resources? Everywhere, or just some parts of the county?

· What level of buffers should we require from water (like the Snake River or Flat Creek) in order to protect water quality and riparian wildlife habitat?

· Should we require that everyone in both Town and County use bear-proof garbage cans?

· How should we work with landowners and agricultural operators to allow wildlife the freedom to roam throughout migration corridors?

As you ponder these questions, think about which answers will both respect fundamental property rights and lead to the greatest protections of our natural resources.

We’re working hard at the Alliance to bring facts and data to the discussion. Our upcoming State of Wildlife report will help outline what species need the most protection – and what the greatest threats are to those species. In the meantime, we’re working with our partners and wildlife and natural resource experts around the community to draft our answers to the Town and County questions. Stay tuned for our assessment in the coming weeks.

What can you do?

· Take the online survey so that your input is included in the public comment going to our elected representatives

· Show up at the public meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, November 9) – 6:00-8:30pm at Snow King Grand View Lodge

· Email us if you want to help make our natural resource protections the best in the country

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