Welcoming our Summer 2018 Interns

Welcoming our Summer 2018 Interns

Kaylee Murray

Kaylee is one of our newest interns for the summer. For the next few months, she will be working on the Alliance’s “Don’t Poach the Powder” campaign, helping to implement a new communications and public outreach strategy to protect wildlife from human recreation impacts.

Growing up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, Kaylee has always loved the outdoors and jumped at every chance to spend time in nature. As her interests for travel and adventure grew during high school, she soon became passionate about the environment and sustainability.

Kaylee currently attends the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in Environmental Studies, with minors in Environmental Design and Geology. After many vacations to Jackson Hole with her family, it became a dream of hers to spend a whole summer here. In her free time, you can find Kaylee peddling around town on her bike, hiking in the park or backcountry skiing on Teton Pass. She is excited to be a part of the Alliance and is looking forward to contributing her knowledge and ideas to the team.

Fun fact: Kaylee’s favorite animal is the alpaca and her dream is to open an alpaca ranch someday.


Shawn Wallbillich

Shawn is a rising junior at Washington & Jefferson college in Washington, PA majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on policy and politics. Shawn plays lacrosse and is a fraternity brother of Beta Theta Pi. He grew up in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and attended Nazareth Area High School, where a class he took allowed him to find his interest in the environment. Nazareth is a small, quiet town with not much to do, but he loves being outdoors and going hiking, especially at Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA. He has a strong passion for the environment and wants to focus his life on making sure that there is a sustainable future in any way that he can. He plans to attend law school out of college in hopes of becoming an environmental lawyer.

Currently, he is excited to be working with the Alliance as an intern with our civic engagement program. He is working on tracking local elected representatives’ votes in order to help the Alliance share information with community members so we can hold our representatives accountable to our values. So far he’s enjoying his work and loving it here in Jackson – he says it has been an eye opening experience to see the views and experience what life is like out West. He is “super pumped” to be working with the Alliance and is really looking forward to the rest of his time here.


Ian Geister

Ian is a student at Washington & Jefferson College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Biology with an emphasis in conservation biology. He’s from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and attended Cumberland Valley High School in central PA. His interests in world environmental issues started to take shape during his senior year of high school through an AP Environmental Science course. However, his interest in nature and the outdoors started when he was very young with the help of his dad and his grandfather who always took him out hiking, fishing, hunting, and much more out in the woods of PA.

He is grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern here at the Alliance through the W&J Environmental Studies program. He is here for the summer working with the Alliance’s Safe Wildlife Crossings Campaign to help raise public awareness in the Town and surrounding area of Jackson about the issues there are with animal/vehicle collisions and the threats they pose to everyone here. He chose to complete an internship here rather than elsewhere because he has become very passionate about this town, the surrounding national parks, and the unique and diverse wildlife in the ecosystem. He visited here in the summer of 2017 with his family and became attached to the town and the surrounding parks and wildlife. Even though he is only here for a short while, he plans on making the largest impact he possibly can in the community of Jackson.



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